Save the Dragons!

An original children’s opera

Book and lyrics by Nancy Steel Brokaw


School performances will take place throughout the month of May.


All ages are welcome to attend any of our free public performances on the following dates:

6:30pm Tuesday, May 5 – Bloomington Public Library

1pm Saturday, May 5 – Normal Public Library

3pm Saturday, May 5 – Unitarian Universalist Church

1pm Thursday, May 21 – Normal Theatre

2:15pm Thursday, May 21 – Normal Theatre



Queen Dot and King LoganHenderson, rulers of the Kingdom of TrebleClefa, have a huge proble­m.  Their dragons are disappearing!  Princess Brio keeps trying to tell them why: there are hardly any thimbleberries left to be found.  And thimbleberries, as everyone knows, are the only things dragons will eat.  Plus there’s more.  Their Buzzer Bees and Doodle Birds seem to be in trouble, too.  Who’s behind this?  The neighboring Kingdom of Low Low Notes?  Would they sink that low? Well, look, there’s Lord Low G and his sidekick Minor Third pulling up thimbleberries by the roots.  Gasp! Wake up, Queen Dot and King LoganHenderson!  Your entire Kingdom is out of whack.  You need a plan and you need it fast!

This 40-minute operatic romp looks at how to be a good leader, the interconnectedness of all kingdoms, and why saving dragons matters.