BENEFACTOR: $1,500 -

Willie Brown

Dr. Craig Carmichael

PATRON: $1,000-$1,499

Duane and Carolyn Yockey

SPONSOR: $500-$999

Kate and Greg Rodriguez

Jerry and Carole Ringer

Mike and Eva DeVore

Zimmerman & Armstrong Investment Advisor, Inc

Steven and Deborah Wannemacher

Ed and Judy Hines

Ralph and Linda Lehman

GUARANTOR: $300-$499

Eva and Mike McCrossin

Ernie Hoffman

Herm and Fran Brandau

Russ and Margaret Rutter

Mary Gergwig and Tom Hanson

Laura and Kenneth Berk

Gail and Galen Crow

Orlyn and Jana Edge

Sonrise Circle

Russell and Janet Bedford

COLLEAGUE: $100-$299

Patsy Sherrard

Peggy Schickedanz

David Willis and Holly Hughey

Bryan and Jo Ann Freeman

John and Marilyn Freese

Peter and Joan Schuetz

Gwen Pruyne

Pam and John Muirhead

Charlotte and Andrew Cooney

Gwen and Charles Yurieci

Marge and Barry Weaver

Charles and Joan Vanden Eynden

Greg and Diane Heist

Linda Park

Kathy and Dan Steadman

Charlotte Talkington

Dick and Charline Watts

Patricia Johnson

Margaret and Tom Hayden

Barbara Disko

ASSOCIATE: $50-$99

Philip Corkil

Gretchen Monti

Mary Scott

Lee and Sally Rudolph

Phyllis Clay

Paul and Kay Swiech

Joyce Benninghouse

Marilyn Myers

Marilyn Braught

Sandra and Fred Groves

Elsie Cadieux

Nancy and Joe Armstrong

Steve and Ruth Ann Friedberg


FRIENDS: $25-$49

Deanne Bryant

Nancy Raggsdale

Rose and Dan Harms

Devon and Rhys Lovell

Michael Kerber

Flora Foltz